Rules of the House and Other Notices

We only accept local coinage here, the most common coin being the denier (pronounced der-nee-ay). You can change your money with the moneychanger at the gate. The current exchange rate is 4 denier for $1 (EK). We also have sou, with an exchange rate of 1 sou for $3 (EK). For an explanation of French money, see Money.

There is no brawling allowed in the tavern. If there is some sharp difference of opinion, as is known to occur here sometimes, take it outside. We will send for a physician (or a priest, your host is broad-minded) as the need may be afterwards. Note that we have not yet discovered a miraculous potion that heals rapier wounds instantly, but we will be happy to make you as comfortable as possible for the rest of the day.

It is inadvisable to discuss arcane philosophical matters such as "computers." No one will understand you and we might suspect you to be some kind of heretic even the Huguenots wonít tolerate. However, you may gossip all you like about the Kingís mistresses, the charms of our serving staff, and the politics of foreign places like Carolingia.

We request that if you are carrying chests or goods of exotic manufacture (such as "plastic coolers") , you stash them outside the tavern -- inside the doors of the Poulet Gauche such things do not exist. You may send a stable boy to fetch things from your travel baggage, if needed.

The SCA, Inc. cannot provide you any kind of alcohol. However, you may to bring your own and have the staff of the Poulet Gauche serve it to you for a small corkage fee of 1 denier per bottle.

We have cards, dice, and other games available to the patrons of our tavern to rent for a very small fee. If you donít see what you want, feel free to ask. Some of our patrons are gamesters, and will be happy to teach you to play any game they know.

We enjoy entertainment in our tavern! If you can sing or tell a good tale, you can expect to be properly appreciated with some refreshment. Speak to the host about performing.

Anyone working Magic in the tavern will be turned over to the Spanish Inquisition.

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