Jeanne-Marie's Recipe Book

Kitchen Scene, Joachim Antonisz Uytewael, 1605.

There is a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine is drunk. And that is my answer, when people ask me. Why do you write about hunger, and not wars or loves?  -- M.F.K. Fisher

Jeanne Marie is a cook that loves to feed people good food. As I recreate her I try to fold in recipes that are appropriate and seasonal. If I cook dinner at home I never follow the recipe exactly. I use my cookbooks as reference books to form a starting point. The meals my guests are accustomed to are the end product of an evolution in my kitchen. My goal is not to recreate a dish exactly from an historic recipe, but to recreate a cook making a meal in an Inn in Calais at the end of the 16th century. With all my recipes I will credit the starting point, try to elucidate a logic, but in the end it will be my tastes and sensibilities that shape the meal.

-J. Prisbylla

The Recipes

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