The Poulet Gauche sometimes stages fencing exhibition in the inn yard. Matches are conducted using foiled blades. A match will consist of a number of "passes" or "venues", usually nine. A "pass" is an exchange which ends in one or both of the parties being hit. If both are hit the pass is a draw. Both attacker and defender are expected to acknowledge the blows against them, but there is a judge that has the final say. The judge will halt the match after each pass and award the touches. The judge also has the right to call a halt if the fencers get too close or seem generally out of control. Before the match begins the judge will inspect the weapons; the fencers have the right to check that they are all "of a length." If they are not, they have the right to ask for another weapon. The winner is the one that wins the best out of the nine passes (therefore all nine passes may not be fought to decide the winner). Bookies, however, may offer odds that consist of a point spread -- e.g. So-and-so by 3 passes.

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