A Day of Song at the Poulet Gauche

The harvest is in (such as it was in this year 1597) and as everyone knows, it's pig-slaughtering time. At the Poulet Gauche, our cook is hanging bacon in the chimney and preparing to serve up every kind of ham and the bounty of the season to our patrons on November 22, 1997 (1597 to us here in the tavern). As usual, we will complain about the Spaniards and while away the time in games of cards and dice, gossip, and low entertainment from travelling players, fencers, and other mountebanks.

On this day we will have a very special treat for our patrons: the Ensemble Cantabile will be entertaining our patrons. They are a musical consort singing the popular chansons of our day by such composers as Arcadelt, Passereau, Le Jeune, Costely, Jannequin Desprez and Sermisy among others. Their reknown is so great, they are coming here to Calais from La Nouvelle France itself! (that would be Quebec, to your modern descendents.)

Our dining room will only fit so many patrons at one time, so we request that if you reserve in advance, you tell us whether you prefer an early seating (around 5:30) or a late seating (around 7:00). We strongly recommend sending a messenger ahead to reserve, as the press of custom eager for our rare entertainment may prevent us from providing dinner to latecomers. The joiner's ears have been sufficiently boxed that we ought to have enough seating that stays up this time.

Tavern doors open at noon and close when we throw the last drunk out of the place. The site is discretely damp -- bring your own in an appropriate container and our lovely tavern maids will serve it to you. Remember that inside our walls we are convinced it is November 22, 1597 in the port city of Calais. Visit us and play your persona to the hilt. We will change your money for local currency at the door, and then try to relieve you of as much of it as possible...

The tax at the city gates is $5 per head (children under 6 can sneak in with their parents), and dinner will cost you more or less $6, not including drinks or specialty items. Parties that are interested in ordering something special for their group should contact the cook Jeanne-Marie (Jeanne Prisbylla) in advance (no later than November 15) at jprisby@ix.netcom.com. Special foods that are likely to be in the larder are whole capons, partridges, and rabbits -- prices and availability will vary.

Reservations should be send to Lisa Goldthwaite (Lady Eleanor Catlyng) 579 Winter St., Framingham, MA 01702, questions only to lisag@world.std.com. (Note from Eleanor: The only reservation is a paid reservation, even if you are a close personal friend!) Be aware that the Poulet Gauche is different from the average event -- reservations should include the customs tax ($5 site fee) and the time you prefer to dine. Do not send money for dinner itself -- you will pay your charming tavern maid directly with the local coin when the time comes. If you want more information on the Rules of the House, please send a SASE, or see our web page.

The site is the beautiful First Unitarian Society in Newton, 1326 Washington St. West Newton, MA 02165. We will have a real fireplace!


From Boston: Follow the Mass Pike West to exit 16, (W. Newton/Wellesley). Follow Rt. 16 East. You will travel through a rather confusing intersection. Stay in the left lane and follow Rt. 16 East. The church is on the right.*

From points West of Boston: Take Mass Pike (I-90) to I-95/128. Follow directions below for I-95/128. Note: there is NO exit for Rt. 16 from the East Bound side of the Mass Pike.

From I-95/128: Take exit 21A which is Rt. 16 (Waban/W. Newton) Follow Rt. 16 Eat into Newton. In Newton, Rt. 16 will cross over the Mass Pike in a rather confusing interchange, you need to avoid the Mass Pike onramp and stay on Rt. 16 East. The church is on the right, after crossing over the Mass Pike.

* The church is a large, ornate building with a square tower topped with four spires (1326 Washington St./Rt 16) Use the Washington Street entrance at the farthest right.

You can use TRAVELOCITY to generate custom driving directions from your location to the site!

There is a fair amount of metered parking, both on Washington St. and in lots near hte church; also, several streets around the church have on-streete parking. Strictly after 2pm, the bank across the side street from the church allows us to use its parking lot. Early arrival and carpooling are recommended for optimum parking. There is no parking lot at the church.

MBTA: There is a commuter rail stop in West Newton. See the MBTA web site for more info.

For more details on the event and how things will work, see About our Next Event.

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