A full discourse on sixteenth century clothing is little beyond our capabilities, but we can discuss a few points, especially with regard to middle class clothing (a much neglected subject). Keep in mind that the extravagant clothing of the upper classes did not reflect what the laboring or peasant classes wore. Click on the images for more detail on the clothing of men and women.  The illustrations used in the following two sections are taken from Herbert Norris' long out of print book Costume and Fashion. This text should not be used without corrobation from another source, as Norris does contain inaccuracies (he politely refrains from drawing the codpieces on outfits, for example). However, the line drawings reproduce nicely and make small image files! Most illustrate English costume, but for the most part pictures have been chosen that illustrate styles also found in France.

Women Men

See the Poulet Gauche Poster Girl in the Costume Picture Gallery !

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