About the Authors

Gaucher is really Alex Newman. He has led a checkered life that usually makes for good storytelling material. In the SCA, he usually passes for Master Aleksandr Ruslanovich Yevsha, an itinerant merchant and storyteller from the famous city of Kiev.

Along with Bob McCown (Robur du Roestoc), Alex makes the furniture and moves heavy things around the tavern.  He's also responsible for much of the "performance" aspect of persona development. Like Gaucher, he spends a lot of time watching the tavern's finances.

His interests are reflected in the following pages: What is Le Poulet Gauche?; Developing a Persona; Social Classes; Inns and Taverns in Society; Furnishings; Dining: Serving, Utensils, & Manners; Drink; Gaming; Traveling; Bibliography; Tradesmen and Suppliers to the Poulet Gauche

Jeanne-Marie is really Jeanne Prisbylla, a registered nurse in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit of a major Boston hospital. When not dealing with life and death issues, she cooks wonderful food. It is her philosophy to try to understand the whole "anthropology of cooking", and not just redact old recipes. 

Jehan du Lac prefers to remain a mysterious stranger with one eye. At least sometimes. There is a more upscale version in the SCA: the Seigneur de la Tour du Lac who managed to inherit a rich and powerful barony. C. T. Iannuzzo is the hardcore history wonk in this enterprise. Vices include antiquarian books, edged weapons, foppish clothes, France, and a seigneurial disregard for how one actually pays the bills. Interests are reflected in just about everything. Although reputed to have no more practical skills than M. du Lac (handy in a siege, can't haggle with a grocer over a turnip), responsibilities include maintaining the web site, providing the yearly suit of clothes for the family and servants, and subjecting the innocent to pithy excerpts from the memoirs of old dead French guys.  Spends weekdays disguised as a computer software architect.

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